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Tracking Point.


Yes, the "REKT-9" is real.


Now it's very real.

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"If you need a last resort pickup, we'll stop by and autotune that bad egg's ass."


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"A Daisy Chain 4 Satan"


Very Drunken Tiger

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Serial 19960224,

The Devil Incarnate, Dark Jesus:

"Nick's News Release"

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'Right Round, Bebe.

(In association with Club Jenna and THRIXXX.)
[/col][/row] [row][col] Nick was released from custody today after receiving a call on his machine at 3am this morning regarding his suspension and thus expulsion from Desert Mountain High School. No, Nick, I don't think it is simply okay to claim you would "definitely smash those of-legal-age little bitches in Senior", in response to being questioned as to whether you would "make relations with the little girls." Hopefully, your time off school with think you better, Nick.

"Bitch, Give Me An Example."

Nick smiled wryly, they may have bent the rules a little to expel me prior legal age, but I have my own porn studio and dispensary at just fifteen years of age and to little more, I'm El Diablo of the Zeta Cartel. I'm pretty sure Mercedes and Cytherea Goddamn know I don't go down that easy. We'll work with this just fine and dandy.
--smokebomb-- [/col][/row][/tbl] [/col][/row][/tbl][/col][/row][/tbl]
[vid="/einsfilm/Very Real Work Shit/nennenja.mp4" autoplay loop]

Black::Se7en "Student Loan Store" Administrator Webcam

"Thanks for the Russian survival machete, Sara. I'll call this my 'Baphomet Blade', my wife's kitchen knife. Too bad I'm married to Alisha; I don't give a fuck what you thought was real or what your God told you; you were lied to, bitch. It was never the case the entire time, you stupid fuck. Zodiac is dead as Melano weeps. You even so much as attempt to make a baby with me, Alisha is going to crack your skull open and break your neck with a steel minibat."



<Sara> "You fucking DICK."<Nick> "That's BIG DICK NICK to you, babe; Can't handle it without me then maybe Dr. Online can help you die."
Years later, Nick went on to choke that bitch the absolute fuck out in a zero as she lay playing dead, fucked her preggers, sat her up in a chair, and in classic "fuck it" style, left.
<Sara> "I'm not really sure whether he really said it or not, but that's pretty much what happened. The porno's legit and real."<Nick> "Better have been literally exactly to the letter what happened, or some worthless niggers and dumbfuck bitches are about to literally undergo first hand the real world CIA and KGB execution experience from the victim's point of view."<Nick> "Same goes with Izzy's kid, if it ain't really mine we are going to kill the damn thing."/vid]

About Nick's 2016 Arrest

On the week of Feburary 2nd-10th 2016, Nick was arrested falsely on grounds of assaulting Jessica Box during the private filming of an Adult Film Network "Jack in the Box, Open Late" commercial advertising spot. Nick openly shouted off police and was thusly arrested. Combined with evidence of a mistakenly filed police report and restraining order, the supposed threats at police, and past record of domestic violence in his home, Nick was found guilty to a maximum sentence of 35 years at a state prison.
The truth is that Nick did not in-fact assault Miss Box and simply broke her window pleading for help while blacked out and having a seizure outside her window. Nick sustained over 15 tazes from Miss Box the next day in the week prior the arrest. Nick could served served his full 35 years, never knowing that Jessica was in fact his mystery lover whom really had been sneaking in each night for a lover's moment.
Jessica absolutely messed up pressing charges on false pretense and ever since Nick's position toward her has faltered. Prior breaking the arrest, Nick, under the influence of date rape drugs, hurled his baphoment super machete spinning downrange end over end at over 60RPM, lethally wounding Kylee and in a single blow severed half her neck ripping asunder her torso.
Nick was found fully guilty for the assault but not the murder, however the Home Owner's Association has since evicted Nick permanently from his home, forever destroying Jesssica and Nick's lives.
Upon reaching jail, Nick forked his route to county medical unit at Buckeye and from there transferred out be lost across state lines out of the country to a Mexican jail where he picked up El Chapo, from there to Supermax in Colorado, and from there to a Russian prison. Nick and Yomato Dojo killed over 880 prisoners and guards while escaping and in the process of fleeing Russia, freed over 200,000 Russian inmates in the biggest prisonbreak the world has ever seen.
Q. What did you learn, Jessica?
<Jessica> --sobbing-- "You know.. you really can't take some things for granted!" --breaks down--
<Nick> "Doesn't everyone wish that time machines were taken seriously.. or is that a 'just-me' thing?"
<Dr. Kushner> "I dunno. You have to wonder what's really 'real' in life."
<Nick> "Kushner, anything ever happens.. I got your back. How would you like to be a dispensary prescriber? Hands-down, you have my recommendation any day."
"It's worse than snuff."

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Neinstar Filmz is your ultimate guide on how NOT to run the world. From Jesus Fucking Christ to Yeshua Nennenquel Iscariot, Mister Keal guides you through the stellar universe of ultimate winfail.
Find yourself mysteriously wrapped up in an End Times Scenario?? Well, you are in luck! Mister Keal can guide you to success and recovery assuming you don't die in the process. Your happiness awaits.. there's a world at stake!

Network Outline

This website exists as an art-therapy fantasy chewing-gum blog composed of screenshots, imagery and text from random sources under the sole discretion of the counter-terrorism shadow cell and tiger team known as "Black::Se7en". Any and all audiovisuals from this site are fair use or are otherwise consigned through any of Nick of Neinstar Filmz' "Serial E-Zine", "Einsfilm", "Triple Harvest" or otherwise "Asterisk!" commissionary production and distribution-by-consignment labels.

Wee Lil Lisha

Nick doesn't hire a wife; he marries one. He chose to legally bond with Alisha12287 in holy matrimony; not piss around as a horseshit imaginary couple. Respect their vows and do not interfere; Nick is literally hyperdimensional, they have enough problems and issues as-is. Officer Dan Antrim is assigned along with John Su to mitigate any disturbances involving Alisha and Nick as their life usually involves violent aspects of Setian religion most in contemporary times do not comprehend. Nick is a rolling sea of emotion, due to his nature, while Alisha holds on for dear life. "Outside" is the Nick's key safeword in this relationship.Ashley is my realworld wife. Her "Alisha12287" profile image features her donning my own black jacket; she mimicks the account for the purpose of producing mockshots on Twitter from within our militarized supermainframe backend on IP "" of-which is normally United States Central Command. These mockshocks are part of an ongoing mature screenshot webcomic known as "Broke The Fuck Off, The Banker Porno." Many of the screenshots feature augmented pageviews of various websites and are used in combination with random "Very Real Sweg" redirect-based online shop imagery to create photo collages on social media such as Twitter.


Contrary to popular belief, Alisha was born in 1985 under the name Ashley, was engaged with Nick in 2000 and later wedlock together under vows of holy matrimony in 2004.


Penelope is her realworld name. Her "Ariel" profile image virtually always features her donning stunning stereo headphones in the nude. She has no speech center in her brain nor any sense of erogenous zones, nor does she have sex despite being in such a club. She's just there for the music and the dope.



All the drugs in this world won't save her from herself.
Wapple is dangerous and violent as fuck despite her warm, cheery appearance in photo and film. At an AR-15 right to carry protest she was shot in her tungsten/chromium carbide flight deck helmet by a matching .50 tunsten BMG and survived raising into the air thereafter and waving a massive black flag spelling out "Where's my #OCCUPY??"
In VRCHAT and THRIXXX Wapple often employs real weapons like knives, crossbows and super machetes into the game world, killing people in the land of reality via voodoo final measures. Wapple does not want to be your friend.
Rule No.1: Do not take Wapple's drugs and music away and unless you are on her "OK" list, do not touch Wapple.

KillHouse TV

Regarding, "Don't piss off the wrong people and the wrong people won't kill your family"; They'll prolly kill your family regerdlis. Alisha & Nick perform a cooking show spanning the entire United States Marine Corp, United States Navy Seal and United States Special Operations Command Rangers' closed circuit broadcast cable network known as "KillHouse TV" within a periodic televised program format known as "KillHouse Kitchen". Yes, Now you can see dead people too.

Cooking with VICE

In one episode of Cooking with VICE, Nick was attempting to drive Cheryl-Lynne to the doctor when suddenly he began blacking out while driving, got lost and gave up. The next week his dentist took one look at his teeth and stated:
<MacCargar> "This is the worst case of meth mouth I have ever seen!"<Nick> "That's Mountain Dew Code Red, Methamphetamine Glycol, 14 Case Edition."


Nick ensures that all referenced sources indeed find a binding, renegotiable, representative label in-order to provide consignment-based distribution via royalties paid tri-annually or otherwise be that label Nothing, Interscope, YouTube, Twitch, Island, Burning Vinyl, or in the event not withstanding a shit-producer like motherless, a rep like Yomato Dojo's "Triple-K Autocare" or furthermore a prison-based conscription source such as NotMyMovie.

Nick's service for allocating label consignment is dubbed "Einsfilm", Deutsch for "One Movie", a resting omen that it is indeed a priviledge to get a second shot from Mephistopheles, "God of Second Chances"; baited fish in dreary waters sometimes do indeed bite.

Privacy Policy

I keep accounts related to other people as fictitious as possible, only pertaining to knowledge that would be known upon casual observation of public channels; Do not carry out blacklists or bans upon anyone portrayed within or otherwise operating this website and do not block any assumed VPN.


"It's worse than snuff." --FOX News on Neinstar Filmz' "The Macbeth Wargames"
"It's a very dangerous Twitter feed." --Whitehouse Press Secretary Josh Earnst on the "Broke The Fuck Off, The Banker Porno" recreational art-therapy Twitter feed
"It's the contemporary Mother3 of the porn industry; however, this one is going to market and it sure as Hell ain't no Animal Crossing." --IGN on Club Jenna's "THRIXXX"


This is a murky website only meant to be afforded between friends, and any real person depicted or referenced in this site does in-fact know each other on a day-to-day basis and are friends; do not attempt to be a "white knight" and disrupt the system of safeguards we have as a close-knit community by blacklisting and/or reporting any one of us as it might prevent us from communicating during an emergency situation.

/einsfilm/The Setian Skoolbus/2017-03-17_00-20-36_x264.mp4

A Greet From VICE


No, it isn't reverse psychology; I don't play the "Smash the Bitch" game; We're literally going to hurt you and fuck your life up, the entire time, no matter who you are or what you do and not give a flying fuckshit about you. You are entitled to nothing. It isn't even a lifehack; You aren't worth shit to piss on.
Black::Se7en is our "I'm waiting until marriage." club while Red::Se7en is our "I've been raped." club. Nick is a member of both. Seriously, we'll fucking kill you, Alisha. Go fucking drink sulfuric acid. Nobody wants you around. You're worse than a whore; You're a rapist, stupid. It's not a sex club. I'm a RAPE THERAPIST, NOT A SEX THERAPIST. George Tiller is the cop that arrested and sent your mother to jail with her arm bleeding open for 3 days after she was raped. Did George rape your mother, yes or no? Or did he cover for another officer?
Well would you look at that, apparently I'm George Tillman. Would you imagine that?
"Nice rosary.""It's a Black Vipertek.""Nice to meet you, Honorable Judge Dredd."

Hostage Negation

Hostage Negotiation

Follow the "I Agree" link below if you agree to view, overhear, take-witness-to and/or take upon participation in potential adult subjects such as implied harm, direct emulations of coercion, simulated drug use, and sexually suggestive imagery. Our close-knit group generally lists our streaming accounts as "Mature", which implies "MA-21" rated content; if you age 21 and over, feel free to visit; if you are age 18+, view at your own discretion; if you are age 15+, we ask that you be friends and family of a member of our community before attempting to browse; if you under age fifteen, it is advised that you do not view this website; if you are our kids, we ask that you grow up strong in soul, spirit and mind. Thank you.

By accessing this content you acknowledge this website is a ficticious comicbook, not a personal diary nor blueprint for reality; you also acknowledge date rape and other such activities are sex crimes and thusly deemed uncool and that you do not take part in nor condone such.

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